This is the heart of the visual effect. Compositing utilizes color correction, masking, tracking, warping, morphing, painting, cloning... the list goes on.
"For Star Wars I had to develop a whole new idea about special effects to give it the kind of kinetic energy I was looking for."
- George Lucas
3D tracking, 2D tracking, planar tracking, tracking by hand... to be honest, we've gotten pretty freaking good at tracking. We've done a ton of it in the past few years. Give us your toughest track. You'll be surprised what we can pull off.
Green Screen Keying
Ah, the green screen. So many ways to shoot it poorly. We've seen it all. Our job is to make it look like you shot it right. We have years of experience advising production. Bring us on set and when the DP turns to you and says, "What IRE do you want?" turn to us.
Color Grading
Crush. Bloom. Balance. Match. Pop. Enhance. Latitude. Lift. Gamma. Gain. We speak your language. If none of that makes sense, your shots are gonna look great. We'll color correct them for you.